Saturday, June 28, 2008

Updated Prize List

Here is an updated prize list....

Hour 1: Darcie's intro meme -- one of her donated books and choose another from the list (I will make a separate post that is just a list of books they can choose from.)
Hour 2: Nymeth's web comic challenge -- 1 (her) bookmooch point and a comic/graphic novel up to $15
Hour 4: Tasha's quote challenge -- one of her books and choose a set of dishcloths
Hour 5: Katherine's scavenger hunt challenge -- 84 Charing Cross Road and choose a book
Hour 6 Lori's covers collage -- 5 Bookmooch points and choose a bookmark
Hour 13: Tasha's poetry challenge -- her book and 3 fridge magnets and dishcloths
Hour 14: Bybee's Korean culture challenge -- her book
Hour 19: Care's quote challenge -- choose two books
Hour 20: Jessi's slideshow -- her books

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