Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome! (*sticky post*)

Welcome Read-a-thon Cheerleaders!! As you know Dewey is hosting a 24 Hour Read-a-thon on June 28. Thanks for signing up to be a cheerleader!! The day/night promises to be great! This blog will keep us updated before the Read-a-thon and during the "thon." Please feel free to email me (darcie.brand at yahoo dot com or post a comment here!

Cheerleaders from last year - I would love your comments on your Cheering experience - what you thought worked well, what you probably wouldn't do again. What you think can be done to improve the overall cheering experience!

Here is a blog table of contents:


Chris said...

I was a cheerleader. It was really fun. I had people come to my blog for a little encouragement (some animated cheerleaders). I tried to get to as many blogs as I could. There were some that required log ins, some who didn't participate and some who's blog shut down my computer! I managed to avoid that after a couple of tries. Maybe a heads up on those kind of things would improve the experience.

Anyway, this year I'm a reader. Hope you all visit my blog!

Darcie said...

Thanks for the comment!! We will use the blog the day of the blog to post those types of issues. :)

Kristi said...

Hi Darcie,

I can't participate as a reader this year, I have to work until 6pm EST. Bummer :>(. The really bad thing is that I work for myself! But, such is life...sigh...

Anyway, I'd like to visit readers and cheer them on after I've finished working on Saturday (so anytime 6pm Saturday to about 1am Sunday -- then I have to go to bed 'cause I have to work Sunday, too...again...sigh...). Do you still have time slots you need filled? If so, e-mail me at kristilew2 AT gmail DOT com.

jessi said...

Hey, Darcie! I just found your blog (via Dewey's info post), and I've almost finished my mini-challenge. I'll be sending it to you later today. I am so excited about being a cheerleader! :) GOOOOOOO, READERS!

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone! I'm excited to participate.

Nymeth said... am I :D