Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Day is here!

Hello Cheerleaders!! The day is here!! Time for 24-hours of reading with some cheering! I wanted to give you a list of prizes for the mini-challenges from Dewey & Hanna:

Here is a tentative list of which prizes will go for which hours/events. So here's the schedule, and PLEASE tell me if you think anything has too big or small a prize, if you had something else in mind, etc.

Hour 2: Nymeth's web comic challenge -- 1 (her) bookmooch point and choose three magnets and choose a set of dishcloths
Hour 4: Tasha's quote challenge -- one of her books and choose a set of dishcloths
Hour 5: Katherine's scavenger hunt challenge -- 84 Charing Cross Road and choose a book
Hour 13: Tasha's poetry challenge -- her book and 3 fridge magnets and dishcloths
Hour 19: Care's quote challenge -- choose two books
Hour 20: Jessi's slideshow -- 5 bookmooch points

Also we are going to leave all of these mini-challenges open for 2 hours- please us me know (Darcie, Dewey & Hanna) if you think this is too long or too short and we'll adjust! Also if we don't have the right prizes listed let us know. Please let me know if there are any discrepancies - I struggled a little bit with the time changes or if you wanted to host a mini-challenge and aren't on the list (we still have some openings).

How it will work today Mini-Challenges
Dewey will announce the mini-challenges on her blog which will send readers to your blog. So you might want to post the challenge 30 minutes before the challenge starts. You might consider putting it as a sticky post if you are doing other updates along the way. Also, if you could email Dewey the specific link (i.e. click on your challenge title and email Dewey your link with the title MINI-CHALLENGE HOUR [with your hour] this will give Dewey a chance to maximize her reading time. :) Readers should leave posts on your site linking to their mini-challenge post. Dewey will use a random generator to pick the winner of the challenge, she will put the winner on her blog and you can pull that name over and announce it on your blog too. If for some reason you want to pick the winner because it's a "best" challenge please let Dewey know when you send her your link.

How it will work today Cheerleading
When you are ready to cheer just go to Reney's list of participants to see the read-a-thon participates and comment, comment, comment! :) I haven't put anyone into specific cheer times so you could cheer when you want, but if you are up I am sure that people will need cheerleading in the wee hours of the morning!! :) Also it seems like in the last 2 days the cheerleader list went from 5 - 12! (Please forgive me if I haven't left a comment for you yet! I will try to get on your blogs today!)

Issues, Suggestions, Questions or Cheerleader Notes
If you have any issues, suggestions, questions or notes for other Cheerleaders please go to the cheerleader blog and leave a message here - there is a link list on the left to make it easier to find.

Also - Dewey is hosting MANY challenges so pop over to her site to check them out!!
Don't forget to leave people comments cheering them on!! :) Have a great day!!


Care said...

hi! Yippee! PS you might want to hit the [enter] button between hour 19 and Jessie's hour 20?

Nymeth said...

Hi Darcie - I was wondering if maybe someone could edit the post to update the prize for my mini-challenge? I just don't want to confuse any participants by posting something different at my blog. Thanks again for all the great work :)