Sunday, June 1, 2008

What Does it Mean to Host a Mini-Challenge?

What is a Mini-Challenge?
A mini-challenge is a 1-3 hour challenge that asks Read-a-thon participants to perform a task that is posted on their blog. Participants may or may not participate in the challenge. These usually have a prize associated with it, but sometimes just have the happiness of winning as the prize. These are intended to give readers a break from reading their current book to help encourage them to read longer. We want to help readers have more fun while they are reading!

There are three ways you can set up your mini-challenge.
  1. You can come up with a mini-challenge for all Readers to do. Probably not all Readers will do it, but it'll be open to them all. If you want to do this type, you should post the challenge at your blog (if you have one) and Dewey will link to you that hour. If you don't have a blog, She’ll post your challenge in her blog.
  2. You can draw one name (or just pick a name that appeals to you from the Readers Blogroll) and give that person an individual mini-challenge. If you have a blog, post the mini-challenge there and link to the Reader, so that others will know to go and see how the Reader tackles it. I'll also post this in my blog, so that other Readers taking breaks can go watch the fun.
  3. Same as above, only you can pick more than one name. Now, as far as what you want your mini-challenge to be, that's up to you. If you're stuck for ideas, or you want someone to bounce your ideas off, feel free to email me and I'll try to help.

I have posted some of the mini-challenges from last year here to get our creativity flowing! We can use some of these ideas or create some of our own.

For any cheerleaders who have mini-challenge ideas here is what I need to know:

  • Title & Description of your mini-challenge. This is so when I am scheduling I can schedule ones that people need to go out for during "waking hours" and also make sure 2 of the same challenges are not back to back.
  • If you are giving away a prize or if you would like a prize selected from the "prize vault".
  • How many hours you would like your challenge to stay open.
  • If you have a time preference to when the mini-challenge is done (please give me 3 options - this will be first come first serve - I will have a master list of the assignments) and if not what hours you are planning to be up for and I will assign you. We will want to really stack the mini-challenges in the last hours as an incentive for people to stay awake.
  • If you want to host a mini-challenge or don't want to host more than 1 mini-challenge but have more than I idea please let me know. Depending on the number of mini-challenges we have we may want to have additional mini-challenges hosted by Dewey or myself or might have some cheerleader who is having "challenge block" .

Also if you haven't sent me yet can you please send me your email address. Mine is

DarcieBrand [at] yahoo [dot] com

Also let me know if you just want to cheer people on but don't want to host a mini-challenge. :) We need all the encouragement that we can get!! Thanks so much for your participation it would not be such a great challenge without all your great spirits!

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